About Me

o is Divyesh Dave?

Hello Friends, I am Divyesh Dave.

I was born and grew up in a normal middle-class family. It was a gift for me because I understood the true meaning of care and help later on. When I started my career as an Accounts, Audit, and Taxation Assistant in a Chartered Accountancy firm in Udaipur, I failed several times in my life. Whether it is my CA examination or cracking the job interview or speaking in front of the class or giving any presentation. I ended up with low self-esteem and 0 levels of confidence. Yes, you read it right 0. And, when we don’t have confidence everything goes down, I hope you agree with this. But, Somehow, I have achieved a milestone with an MBA in finance in my formal education. I worked for various organizations as an Accounts consultant as well and in 2011, I have gotten the chance to work in Mumbai city in an MNC. I gained amazing learning and working experience.

After working and gaining much diversified experienced, I explored internationally and I worked as an Accounts Manager in the Russia location of the group. It was like dream coming true for a lower middle-class guy like me but also, a bit challenging because of the extremely cold environment and language barriers but I accepted that challenge and worked there with a positive mental attitude and dedication.

It was just the beginning and later on, I traveled around several countries I am truly so grateful for all the opportunities I have got in several organizations and explored countries and different cultures. This was the memorable part as well.

I worked with my full energy in my career but I always stayed back because of one skill – Communication. So I have decided to learn it. This is really a huge learning area that I have to cover. And, I have started with simple things such as improving my English Communication.

Slowly, I came to know so many aspects and areas of Communication Skills. I was blessed with my amazing mentors who guided me in each step to learn this essential skill and the best part is that it helped me to build a mindset of becoming a lifelong learner.

Now, I feel enough confidence while communicating with other people. But, I found, this is not enough to be self-centered and it’s time to give back to other people and share the knowledge which I have gained to become confident. And, yes the best way I found is to become a Coach. I have decided to help those working professionals who lack confidence in their careers and have willing to grow in their personal lives. It started as simple zoom classes and a telegram group but now, I am not alone and we are a growing community of Confident Communicators who are learning and exploring this confidence-giver skill using digital tools and techniques. I have developed a Formula that has 6 steps to follow and for practice, we are using digital tools and techniques which is helping hundreds of working professionals in our community. I believe this one skill changed my life 10x and it will change the lives of all of those who are willing to learn and master it.

If you are someone who is looking for a community where you can come and explore this life-changing skill starting with English Communication, I welcome you to be a part of a community of Confident Communicators. I am pretty confident, you will never regret joining this community but will grow and learn every day.

Thanks for giving me the time to read my small story.

To the confidence in Communication. Learn And Grow With Confidence.

I help

I am on the mission to help 100,000 working professionals achieve Confidence in their career by Improving their Communication Skills and for that I have created 6 step Formula, which is helping my community members to learn fast using Digital Tools & Techniques.

I Teach

I help other working professionals achieve confidence in their career by improving their Communication Skills.

Some key aspects of my teaching style:-

  • Easy To Implementable Rich Content
  • Crisp and concise learning sessions contains easy to implement actions that leads to transformation
  • Video Content And Weekly Masterclass
  • A nurturing mixture of Video and Live session brings improvement everyday
  • Robust Accountability System
  • Learning and growing with the help of accountability system that inspire and encourage your to finish tasks and take actions.
  • Practicing With Digital Tools & Techniques
  • Practice becomes easy when we use digital tools and techniques and as the world is changing learning style should also be change
  • Life Time Guidance In Learning
  • Use Your Suitable Time and Learn At Your Own Pace

My Commitment is always there to help you in this learning journey. A Journey exactly, that’s what it is which is going to be long till you want.

Ease to use with easy to access portal, suitable for learning at anytime and anywhere but not just limited to phone.

Divyesh Dave