Hi, I am Divyesh Dave, an Accountant by profession and Teacher by heart. I help working professionals achieve confidence in their career. My content is focused on important practical topics which can help working professionals to become confident and grow in their career.

My Story

I was always been shy and introvert. I used to spend a lot of time as back office guy so that I can avoid chance to speak in front of other. I felt comfortable but I did not realize that I was actually losing confidence. I have never been expressive or confident enough to speak in front of my bosses, and colleagues or give presentations.

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Confidence in your communication is the secret to success. I have summarized the whole confidence game of communication in this eBook. It will help you to find the right path of improvement of your communication skills. As an accounts and finance professionals we must be a confident communicator as well. Download this eBook to know more, “How can you become confident and improve your communication skills?”