Why we need communication in our life?

So many people think why we need to improve our communication skills.

See the answer is very simple – survival and growth. Yes. We are always in a two kind of situation, either we are alone or we are with other people. In both the situation we need someone.

Now few people might say when we are alone, how we are communicating. I would say yes we communicate. Communication is not just with external world or with other people it also includes conversation with our inner world or if I would be more specific. Conversation with following-

Our mind

Our Body

Our Heart

And our soul

The more effectively we manage and communicate with our inner world, the better communicator we become for our outer world.

Now for outer world we are surrounded by people. We need each other to grow. If someone says that I can grow by my own. That’s actually not true. We need other people for our survival as well as for our growth. Because they have something which we exchange in the form of similar, lower or higher value thing. It may be time, money, a thing or any other benefit. You can name it anything.

For give and take we need to communicate with them. First we need to send a message to them, that this is what I think, when they understand they either reply you or give you something in return. Now, at this time if you don’t know how to communicate well with other person. You might lose the opportunity to get what you want from them. People lose relationship just because of their poor communication, yes. Hard to believe but true.

That’s why communication is the most essential skills to learn and it improves slowly by learning. Because it a skill, anyone can learn. Right.

So start investing time to learn this amazing skill and you will know that so many achievements will come in your life.

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