Hi, I am Divyesh Dave

Digital English Communication Coach for Working Professionals and I am on the Mission to help 100,000 Working professionals

By Helping Them To Bring Confidence In English Communication

Business Accountant

Enthusiastic Accounts Professional specialized in Financials Automations.

Digital Influencer

Content Creator for adding value in the Digital Learning space.

Digital Coach

Founder of community of Confident Communicator. Nurturing people to learn and grow in Digital Age using my unique learning formula.

Life Long Learner

Proud Mentee of my Mentors and life long learner to Explore more about Life Communication.

What Is English Communication All About?

English is a global language which connects the whole world. It is always good to have knowledge of more than one language.

English Communication includes 6 major areas and 4 major skills called LSWR which i teach in my community.

Apart from this, it is just a part of the whole Confidence Game. If you are confident enough in English Communication, you will be able to attract more opportunities globally.

So if you feel lack of confidence in communication, i welcome you to join my community of Confident Communicators.

Why Everyone Should Improve Communication Skill?

Communication skill is the world highest paid skill. It is a skill of world leaders.

Just think that you have all the knowledge but if you do not know how to communicate and how to present your knowledge confidently, you lose opportunities and chance of growth.

By Learning communication, you can attract life changing opportunities because we are surrounded by people and everyone wants to work with confident people. And, the amazing thing is anyone can learn it.

How You Can Improve Your Communication Skills With Me

Unleash Your Positive Confidence With The Help Of Communication.

Communication is one the most powerful and hard skills to learn. 

In today’s Digital Era, it is so easy to learn anything with the help of online communication tools. 

I teach people how these digital tools and techniques to build confidence in English Communication because I truly believe it is so important to know how we use our resources.

Join If You Have Following Qualities:-

If you are not confident enough while communicating with other people.

If you are not clear where to start.

If you are not confident in English Communication.

If you have interest towards your self development.

If you are dedicated to learn about growth.

If you are lacking guidance and like minded community.

If you are eager learner.

 My Mission

Hi,  I am Divyesh Dave.

Business Accountant and English Communication Coach for Working Professionals.

I love to help and add value to the society and I am on the mission to help 100,000 working professionals to grow in their life and helping them to learn the world’s most powerful skill that is Communication.

My Journey

I grew up in a normal middle class family and it was a gift for me, because i understood the true meaning of care and help later on.

When I have started my career as an Accounts, Audit and Taxation Assistant in a Chartered Accountancy firm in Udaipur, I have failed several times in my life. Whether it is my CA examination or cracking the job interview or speaking in front of class or giving any presentation. It ended up with low self esteem and 0 level confidence. Yes, you read it right 0. And, when we don’t have confidence everything goes down, I hope you agree with this.

But, Somehow, I have achieved a milestone of MBA-finance in my formal education. I worked for various organization as an Accounts Consultants as well and in 2011, I have gotten chance to work in Mumbai city in an MNC. I gained amazing learning and working experience.

After working and gaining much diversified experienced, I explored internationally and I worked as an Accounts Manager in Russia location of the group. It was like dream coming true for a lower middle class guy like me but also, bit challenging because of extreme cold environment and language barriers but I accepted that challenge and worked there with positive mental attitude and dedication.

It was just a beginning and later on I travelled around several countries and I am truly so grateful for all the opportunities I have got in several organizations and explored countries and different cultures. This was the memorable part as well.

I worked with my full energy in my career but I was always stayed back because of one skill – Communication. So I have decided to learn it. This is really a huge learning area which I have to cover. And, I have started with simple things such as improving my English Communication.

Slowly, I came to know so many aspects and areas of The Communication Skill. I was blessed with my amazing mentors who guided me in each step to learn this essential skill and the best part is that it helped me to build a mindset of becoming a life long learner.

Now, I feel enough confidence while communicating with other people. But, I found, this is not enough to be self centered and its time to give back to other people and share the knowledge which I have gained to become confident. And, yes the best way I found is to become a Coach. I have decided to help those working professionals who lack confidence in their career and have willingness to grow in their personal lives. It was started as simple zoom classes and telegram group but now, I am not alone and we are a growing community of Confident Communicators who are learning and exploring this confidence giver skill using digital tools and technique. I have developed a Formula that has 6 steps to follow and for practice we are using digital tools and techniques which is helping hundreds of working professionals in our community. I believe this one skill changed my life 10x and it will change lives of all of those who are willing to learn and master it.

If you are someone who is looking for a community where you can come and explore this life changing skill starting with English Communication, I welcome you to be a part of community of Confident Communicators. I am pretty confident, you will never regret joining this community but will grow and learn every day.

Thanks for giving your time to read my small story.

To the confidence in Communicaiton improvement

Divyesh Dave


Thanks for scrolling till this point. I really want to appreciate your time invested here with a special gift for you.

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11 Ways To Communicate Like Pro

 In this eBook, I have showed a path of learning communication and also mentioned some life changing concepts.

Learning always remains challenging when we try to do it by our own. The easiest example you can take around us where there are loads of free learning content available online. Do you think still you need something? I think No. The knowledge is everywhere, but the important part is structured knowledge that always comes with a price.

If we have guidance, we can make it more effective and we can learn even fast. In This book, I have tried to summarise my knowledge in easy to implement steps. I have mentioned 11 easy steps that you can apply on daily basis and it will surely help you to improve your communication just like, it did for me and my community members.

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