How hobby helps us to remove stress?

Hobby is a kind of leisure activity which we do whenever we are free. After a long working hours and weekly rush when I get some time, I love to spend time with music. Music is my favorite hobby. Now there is a difference between hobby and passion. Hobby is something what you do for leisure, but passion is something which drives you to achieve your goals by working what you love to do. 

Often when I am stressed or tired or when I have a free time, I listen to slow music. It is not only a charging up activity but also it makes my all-stressful thoughts and makes me calm and relax. I use it in three activities which I love to do.  

As I told you I prefer slow music which is instrumental songs, or old Bollywood and English songs with deep meaning. I also love chanting of God. I am so excited to tell you that I have a guitar which I play for these types of songs. It makes me happy deep inside and I overcome all the stress of the day very easily. It keeps me engage and in a good mood while I am free, is not it great to spend time with these kinds of activities rather than scrolling other people travel post on Facebook. I think having a hobby gives us a great engagement with ourselves. And no one can deny that hobby makes us more creative person. We are too busy in day-to-day life that we forget our inner peace and personal happiness and I honestly believe that having a creative hobby helps us to spend time for our personal happiness. 

So, I highly recommend having a hobby which you love to do. And make it more creative because it will not only help you to relax but also to develop and practice focus. 

Have a fruitful life and go great. 

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