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JOIN the membership of “The Communication Club®”, where you will learn the importance of Communication Skills and will gain initial confidence to become Confident Communicator in English. 

What You Get As A Member?

Ebook – 11 Ways To Become Confident Communicator

You will learn from my story. How I came from Hindi medium background and became global communicator. I have share my 11 steps which will help you to become Conifdent Communication (if you apply and practice).

Communication Blueprint Course

You will learn:-

– What is Communication ? What, Why And How of this life changing skill.

– Opportunities which will come to you once you learn Communication..

– Types of Communication.

– How to become Confident in Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking

And much more…


English Confidence Bootcamp

You will learn:-

– The conversation starting technique and sentences

– How to improve vocabulary in easy but effective way

– How to form sentences very easily using Universal sentence structure

– Top lessons on grammar to become confident in English

– How to overcome the fear of tenses and time zone

And much more…


Lifetime Access To VIP Group

This is an exclusive group for all action takers. I have given some actionable tasks in the course and book which you can do and practice in the group. It is great to have community of like-minded people and this group is meant to be for Action Takers. This group is an energy booster for those who lack motivation and support while learning. When you see others to take action, you will be inspired by them to learn and to implement the learning automatically. That is the power of community and this VIP group gives you that strength in learning.

So you can learn and practice with other group membes. You will get feedback from peers and comments which will keep you alive in the game. Not only that, you will have a network of other professionals which will help you in your learning. 

Also, I share useful and important updates in the group so you get learnings and updates in this group.


You will get lifetime access to membership (with a completion certificate). Pay for one course with above link and you will get all bonuses mentioned above with lifetime validity.
You will get free access to membership (without a certificate). This is the only criteria to get the membership FREE. First register for the live session and you will get the membership. 

What you will achieve ?

Once you finish all the lessons and tasks given in this course, you will get exact insights to become Confident Communicator of 21st Century. 


You will get all your concepts clear with the importance of this life-changing skill.


You will be more clear about your leanring path and Why you want to become Confident Communicator.


You will get confidence once you take all the actions. Action is must to gain Confidence.


You will get a certificate of completion** from The Communication Club™ which you can use in your CV and social media profiles.


You will become part of like minded community. A community of Confident Communicator where everyone is on the same path of learning and helping each other to grow. 

Career Growth

You will come to know How to achieve growth in your career. Gaining confidence will help you to attract so many opportunities in your career


How to get access of this Membership

There are two Criteria. If you wish to join directly with a certificate you need to pay 499/-  (With a huge 90% discounted fee) but if you attend a live session, and finish the survey, you will get access to this Basic level Membership absolutely FREE.

** Certificate is not FREE, If you wish to get a certificate, you must join the Rs. 499/- plan. This certificate is issued by the Registered Firm “The Communication Club ® ” 

How to get Refund ?

We are so focused on learning but in case you are not satisfied with the courses and membership. You will get a “No Question Ask Refund” within 7 days. Just fill out a form, tell us your problem, and you will get the refund in the next 7 days.

Disclaimer: There will be no refund if you have claimed Bronze Membership as a “Gift” from me or a survey bonus. Usually, I do it in my “Masterclass” where I share my top 3 secrets to learning fast to overcome the fear of English Communication.

How I can attend Masterclass to Claim Bonus ?

It is pretty easy. You can book and reserve your seat in advance so you do not miss the opportunity to learn. Seats are limited so it is advisable to book in advance and once you finish the Masterclass, you will get access of Bronze Membership.

Masterclass Registration Link :

Why Should I learn from Divyesh Dave?

I am a Certified English Communication Coach from TESOL-Canada. I have worked in the Corporate world for 15 years. And, I am a person who believes in simplifying the concept and life which is already complicated. I can guide you with my focused and precise learning style without beating around the bush. That is my coaching style.